A Quick Overview of Android App Development for Beginners

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Want to become an android app developer? Perhaps you are still wondering if learning android app development for beginners is worth doing. There are plenty of good reasons to learn android app development. One good reason is that Android provides you direct access to its billions of users around the world. In terms of sheer numbers, Android stands well above iOS. While it may not necessarily be simpler to code, Android is relatively easy to develop with lesser barriers to entry than the competition. Still not convinced? Keep reading.

Releasing Apps on Android is simple

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You’ll need the Android SDK, probably Java JDK and Android Studio to start creating an android app. You don’t need to spend on them as they are all free. It’s easy to build a simple app as most of it can be done through a visual designer. If you get stuck along the way, you can find plenty of tutorials online. Once done with your app, the process of building an APK (a file containing your app and allowing for easy installation) is relatively simple as well. Then your app is ready for submission to the Google Play Store.

You just need to shell out $25 for the single one-off fee. You’ll then be able to upload unlimited apps at any point after. The review process is fast because it’s automated. Your app will be visible to more than two billion monthly users in the Google Play Store within a few hours and let them enjoy your creations.

Another decisive factor in android development is the learning of Java programming language, which is the number one language sought by employers. The “other” Android official language is Kotlin, which is very similar to Java and C#. You should be able to transfer your skills to other roles then.

Let’s start with Android app development

Are you now convinced that Android is an ideal development platform? Good! So what do you need to begin your journey? You’ll need a computer with decent specifications. A computer that runs on Windows and you’ve been using in the last few years will probably do. From there, you need to download

  • Android Studio
  • Android SDK
  • Java JDK

Get the latest version of Android Studio, which comes with the Android SDK. Select whichever one is recommended on Developer Android. From there, download the Java JDK from Oracle’s site.

We’ll go into detail on how to download and set everything up in future posts about android app development for beginners. For this article, let’s focus on what these components are.

JDK. It stands for Java Development Kit. With JDK, your computer will understand and interpret Java code, which is Android’s preferred programming language alongside newcomer Kotlin. You need to download and install JDK.

Android Studio. It is Android Development’s official integrated development environment (IDE). Android Studio acts as your central hub for development. It’s where you’ll enter the Java code, run and debug apps, and manage your project files. This software provides you an interface for coding and testing, which requires the other elements on the list to do it.

SDK. It is the software development kit (SDK) that offers a selection of tools needed for Android development. These tools have an additional code that serves as a bridge between the Java and the Android devices for you to gain access to native Android features. These features help you to compile and run apps, and other useful tools in your coding, such as an emulator to test your apps. The SDK is bundled with Android Studio, so you are good to go after installing the Studio.

The information above helps you start to build a primary picture of Android app development. Before creating your first Android app, you need to learn Java. When stuck on a problem, turn to the internet as a lot of information can help you go through the humps.